Friday, March 23, 2012

The test for BOYS ONLY

This is similar to the girls test.
awnser  A B C or D there is NO E

  • A.You mostly wear black
  • B.You mostly wear white
  • C You mostly wear red
  • D You mostly have no shirt on :I
  • A.You mostly wear a bracelet with dude crap on it.
  • B.You mostly wear a biblical hat
  • C.You mostly wear a necklace chain
  • D.You wear nothing like any of this.
  • A.You wear sneakers
  • B.You wear sandals
  • C.You wear cleats
  • D.You are barefoot

If mostly A's you are a Goth Dude
If mostly B's you are a priest guy
If mostly C's you are a weird dude who is CRAY-ZAYY
If mostly D's you are a guy who is DESPERATE for a lady.

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